Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Project Development

Climate change Adaptation and Mitigation projects in energy, agriculture and forestry are vital to limit the rising temperatures and minimize the effect of climate change on life.  Renewable energy and forestry are particularly important areas for fighting climate change. NAI Partners have extensive experience in developing a wide range of Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation projects.

Carbon Certification and Evaluation

CDM and voluntary carbon standards face an uncertain future, but knowledge of carbon emissions and sequestration remain vital for all carbon mitigation and adaptation work.  Obtaining hard comprehensive data is required to effectively mitigate climate change in both land based activities and renewable energy and represent important tools to maximise output and minimise operating costs.  In forestry, for example, carbon project verifications require to extensive inventory assessments and large number of sample plots, resulting in:

  • Improved tree-breeding and silviculture development
  • Key input for planning and optimisation of plantation
  • Regular scrubbing of inventory data better knowledge about the standing volume

Carbon certification that add rigor to any operations and require compliance with the toughest international standards.  NAI Partners received the first certification for a carbon project in 2000, and have since then worked extensively with carbon projects in renewable energy, forestry and agriculture, including registering the world’s first voluntary A/R forestry carbon project.

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