Equity Finance

The NAI Partners have decades of experience in equity markets, from world leading investment banks, from running publicly listed companies and corporate finance/ investor relations with major multi-nationals. The Partners have raised more than USD 150m of equity for direct impact investments in Africa and have extensive experience with all aspects of equity capital raising from the points of the corporates, project developers and investment banks.

Debt Finance

The NewAfrica Impact Partners have combined more than 100 years of experience in corporate and debt finance, interacting with a wide range of financial institutions. In Africa, the Partners have arranged USD 140m debt financing, including complicated blended finance, from six development banks.

Blended Finance

The failures of market-based solutions to tackle climate change mitigation, renewable energy expansion and other important environmental issues, as well as general social and economic development, have led to increased focus on blended finance to support PPPs and private investments. Grants and concessionary debt and equity, provided by public and private institutions play a critical role in dealing with these problems. NAI Partners have successfully negotiated a $70m blended finance facility.

Carbon Finance

The carbon trading mechanisms and tCER and VER prices and volumes did not develop as expected. Carbon finance has so far been complicated and expensive and had very moderate effects on the climate. However, direct financing of carbon mitigation and adaptation projects are being expanded, for example through concessionary and grant funding within blended finance.

Grant Project Finance

As the private sector is recognized as efficient supplier of developmental, environmental and social impact, private companies have increasing access to grant funding. We believe this trend will accelerate going forward. The NewAfrica Impact Partners have extensive experience from developing, raising, running and closing grant projects.

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