NewAfrica Clean Energy

There is a potential of 1,000MWe+ from modern bioenergy plants, primarily from combined heat & power (CHP) opportunities based on plantation forests. Half of African plantation wood outside of South Africa is typically wasted, ideal feedstock for bioenergy.

There are 1000+ CHPs globally using standard (but not plug & play) technologies and these are ignored by Africa’s renewables industry. There is a strong case for biomass CHPs in many African countries driven by 1) low cost sustainably grown and wasted biomass, 2) desire for distributed generation, 3) falling bioenergy capex, 4) tailored processing solutions and 5) baseload power and peak supply capabilities.

NAI aims to build an African bioenergy platform and create a new business model based on standardised plants, optimised feedstock supply, local industrial integration, operational scale and reduced risks. The positive economic, environmental and social impacts of bioenergy are larger, and it meets more SDGs, than any other type of renewables.

Renewable Energy Production


Charcoal and briquette production

NAI Partners have practical experience with a range of charcoal production technologies, and the development and implementation of sustainable charcoal projects.



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