NewAfrica Clean Energy

NewAfrica Impact is supporting the establishment of NewAfrica Clean Energy (NACE) which is created to tackle key energy and climate challenges in Africa. NECE aims to raise funding to establish 4-8 microgrids (each 5-50MW) using bioenergy as baseload in Africa, targeting 200MWel generation (70MWel bioenergy and the rest solar PV, etc.) and process heat/steam.  The electricity and heat will be sold on long term contracts to commercial & industrials, national utilities and directly to households.  NACE’s bioenergy plants will provide a missing link in agribusiness and forestry value chains in Africa.  NACE will build, own and operate heat & power assets and microgrids, and acquire and expand existing sub-scale and/or stranded assets, based on its unique knowledge of sustainably grown biomass and bioenergy.  NACE has a strong pipeline focused on East and Southern Africa, and will sell the assets as soon as proven operational and generating steady income.  NACE Investment Manager is a joint venture between Mafungwase Holding of RSA and NewAfrica Impact Ltd.

Renewable Energy Production


Charcoal and briquette production

NAI Partners have practical experience with a range of charcoal production technologies, and the development and implementation of sustainable charcoal projects.



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