Agriculture & Forestry, Renewable Energy, Climate Change and Impact Investments

NewAfrica Impact is an advisory firm focusing on project development, financing and execution.  NAI is a new organisation, but the Partners have worked together for decades, as a team and individually implemented complex projects in Africa and Europe.  The Partners have more than 150 years of broad experience in Forestry, Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Climate Change and Impact Investments, from starting up and developing companies to experience working for large organisations in highly regulated environments.  We are analysts, reviewers, consultants and advisors and we are creative developers and implementers who enjoy building new businesses and creating large, positive developmental, environmental and social impacts.

Partner’s Experience

  • Restored 100,000 ha of forest landscapes and sequestrated millions of CO2 by establishing 40,000 ha new forests
  • Engineered new bioenergy plants particularly suited for African climates
  • Designed, built and operated seven new factories in Africa, including two heat plants
  • Implemented several smallholder agriculture, agroforestry and forestry programs, benefiting more than 10,000 farmers
  • Implementing restructuring reducing costs by more than 60% in on-going businesses
  • Registered the world’s first voluntary A/R carbon project and developed a range of offsetting projects
  • Certified Africa’s largest FSC plantation forests (ex RSA)
  • Award and implementation of a dozen 3rd party financed development projects
  • 100 years of combined experience in Africa. Established meritocratic organisations at the global cutting edge of the industry
  • Produced business plans, research and investment recommendations over 1000s of well-argued pages of presentations
  • Raised $250m equity for impact investments in Africa
  • Arranged $130m loans from six development banks
  • Successfully exited several emerging markets investments